March 29th, 2004

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Loser's Weekend

Well, this weekend was pretty cool, I have to say. We visited WPI no less than 5 times in three days.

Gaming weekend was interesting. Lots of geeky guys and gals, playing lots of geeky games. It felt nice to be amongst them. We ended up camped out, playing cards for most of Saturday's visits, and making characters for Corrie's Hunters game. Three chicks and a boy player -- turned out I was the only fella in the game. Pretty fun, but we bolluxed the mission -- in that way we were losers... Otherwise, a good time was had by all.

We went to *The Eye* Saturday night. Hong Kong horror flick. Most excellent. Wonderfully creepy, even though some folks decided to chuckle at the more spooky parts. There's a jag-off in every crowd. Asia owns cinematic horror. They have a more mature view of it, than we Americans do.

Friday, we say *The Policewoman* an odd German flick which features a world in which there is not the slightest amount of mutual love. Very dark and European. Interesting to behold.

Well, I didn't make the cut for Project Greenlight -- at least this year the reviews were positive. Got a couple of nice compliments, but folks really didn't like act 3, the ending wasn't what they were looking for. Not bad, though!

Sunday evening, I started the ground up rewrite of Calender Girl February. Here it is, almost Calender Girl April! Sheesh! I need to pound out some stories!

This morning, I woke up at 7:40, without the alarm. I forgot to reset it last night (it was still on weekend mode - 9:00). Well, I can honestly say I didn't hit the snooze bar today, not even once.
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