March 15th, 2004

there!, Hello

Mom visits every morning just staying until noon, period.

Well, I just explained the subject line of this message to the Italian fellow in my lab. It's a mnemonic device for remembering the order of the planets (from Sol to the rim).


Now, I find out that a new object (smaller than Pluto) has been found 8 billion miles away, as the firthest object in our solar system. Sedna. A new planet (though this is under argument, due to the fact that it is merely 1000 miles in diameter). So, I guess my mnemonic device should be adjusted:

"Mom visits every morning just staying until noon, period? SHIT!"

That works.

But wow, a new planet(oid). Pretty cool!


I used to love astronomy, used to love astrophysics. I wonder when that stopped? I honestly can't recall when I stopped pursuing astrophysics...


So, this morning, Marco mentioned that an Italian was responsible for quantum physics. Wolfgang Pauli. When was the last time you heard an Italian called Wolfgang? Hmmm. Well, then, Pete pointed out that Wolfgang in Italian would be "LupoGrupo" (that is literally "wolf gang")which had me in stitches.
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