March 11th, 2004

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Skipp to the good parts

Found out today that John Skipp is back in the writing gig! Woo hoo! ( I loved the stuff he wrote in the late eighties, early nineties. He was one of the forerunners of Splatterpunk, that is extreme horror. Most of his novel output was made with a cowriter -- his chum at the time, Craig Spector -- but the pair had a falling out in the mid nineties (following publication of their ninth and final book, *Animals*). Craig Spector wrote a paperback original (*To Bury The Dead*) back in... Laws, was it 1999? But John Skipp's been under the radar, so far as I know. No longer! He's got a novella/short story collection out, and more material on the way! Rejoice, rejoice!
Last night, Amber showed up, and we had a ball watching the hilarious BBC show *Father Ted*. I cannot sing the praises of that show enough. Three main characters, priests stuck on godforsaken Craggy Island, off Ireland: The old codger priest who's preferred form of communication involves hyperloud ejaculations of "DRINK!" "ARSE!" "GIRLS!" and "FECK!" The young and dumb priest, who isn't sure whether or not he believes in organized religion. And the middle aged priest, sort of a con artist and a straight man, in a world of lunacy. Funny, funny, funny!
Watched episode 2 of Kingdom Hospital last night. Haunted hospitals and animal totems... Creepy and funny, bizarre for sure. I'm enjoying it.
Today, my boss and I did an exhaustive troubleshoot of the apparatus and programs for a grad student who's trying to nail her master's project in our lab. Yesterday's debacle with this equipment was a mind bending misery. Hopefully this won't happen, again.
This morning, I lucked into a pair of tickets for a concert at Mechanics Hall, here in Worcester. I have yet to find out about the music, though. Free tix that Pete couldn't use. Main floor, Row 4, Center; Woo hoo!
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