March 10th, 2004

there!, Hello

Techno Video Game Day

Well, this morning, I have the damn Mortal Kombat song stuck in my head. I've been dubbing other things into the character naming line. I have one that works for my lab. Sheesh!

"Paul. Jun Pang. Marco. Peter Grigg. Hoffman. Rotonoids. Dan. MORTAL SCIENCE! duh-dee-duh-de-duh-dee-duh-dee-dee-duh-duh-dadadada!"

Anywho. Last night I watched Takashi Miike's *Dead or ALive: Final* and it was off the wall. An sf actioner, this time, with a plot that recalls the other two movies, but is essentially removed from them. Kind of a PKD nightmare with 4 spoken languages and kung-fu, gun-fu shootouts. In the director interview, he heartily recommends Americans seek out his uncut film "Ichi: The Killer", which I will now have to hunt for... An odd little director, who makes extreme, odd (extremely odd!) and wonderful movies.

I also tried to recover my comp, to no avail. Now, I hope to get a reinstallation going. Sheesh!

I reworked more of *Moving, Interrupted* (new title!) in handwritten copy.

Tonight, I will record Kingdom Hospital (episode 2) and possibly hang out with Amber (who might be showing up).

I discovered yesterday, that I have a weekly lineup of tv I'm interested in:
Tuesday: The Shield (recorded it!)
Wednesday: Kingdom Hospital (Recording it!)
Thursday: The Apprentice followed by Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! (physically watch 'em!)

How did this happen???? Heehee!
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