March 9th, 2004

there!, Hello

Feggin Aye.

Well, last night was a pisser. The feggin' laptop crapped the bed, so I was stuck unable to correct anything. Today I got a recovery disc, so tonight I hope to fix the feckin' problem. Cross your fingers!

Well, last night I finished watching Takashi Miike's *Dead or Alive 2*. Teh movie was interesting for its choices - gangsters who kill assholes to collect money for innoculations for children in third world countries. Well, you don't see that everyday. After dinner, I watched the first episode (last weeks', in fact) of Stephen King's *Kingdom Hospital*. Creepy and cool, so far.

I stayed up way too late, pissed off first at the computer, then at Trista's yarn -- which I couldn't untangle for the life of me. I handwrote two pages, effectively improving my short story "Moving".

I finished reading *Sixth Column* by Heinlein. Don't know if I liked it all that much. Interesting premise, but a little too... Hmmm. The deliniation between Forces of Good and Intrusive Forces of Evil, was a little too fixed. I prefer shades of gray in my entertainment. Started Michael Laimo's *Deep in the Darkness* and it hits some of the same notes that *Pet Semetary* did. Not necessarily in terms of plot (thought at the get go, comparisons can be drawn) but in terms of effective wooing of the reader into liking the characters just a few pages in. Promising!

Tonight, I will try to unfuck my computer, and write (by hand or otherwise). Tonight is also the first episode of The Shield Season 3, and I've got video tapes! I will also read a ProjGreenlight screenplay or two.
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