March 5th, 2004

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My Wild and Only

Friday, Friday, Friday.

Weds night, Amber (our chum from Gameboro) showed up, ate pizza, made a d20 modern character, and added laughs. We didn't finish character creation, but had a ball, anyway.

Thurs night, was gaming with Jeff and Trista. Getting tired of DnD, I think, or else I'm just tired. It'll be nice to change genres. I really think I'm tired of coming up with these sweeping plots -- they seem so overdone, a little on the cheesy side. Sometimes individual unrelated stories are nice. Why do I continually come up with feggin' epics? Because I'm a sucker, I suppose.

Well, I finished Edward Lee's *Infernal Angel*. It wasn't anywhere near as nasty as some of his other hardcore horror books, but it wasn't bad. The end was a little bit of a letdown. I started into Brian Keene's *The Rising*, which is playing so far as a smart zombie book -- that is, the zombies are smart. So far, so-so. Has potential, though.

I dove into the Banana story. "Yes, We Have No Bananas" was my Tuesday night project. Got 1200 words in, and haven't had time to look at it since. Cheesy gaming has interfered.

Looks like cheesy gaming will continue tomorrow, with el Jeffe. More DnD; goody dumgrops. I'm not complaining, since it's all well n' good to be playing anything. I'm just grumbling about a genre that has never been my favorite, but seems to be my main outlet lately. Now, if I start writing (and publishing) only fantasy, that will make me a whore, but for now, it's just a way to enjoy a pastime (gaming) with the people around me. Even the d20 modern seems like it will be going fantasy genre for a while. My Gamma World game feels a little too fantasy, too. Sheesh! Makes me wonder if I'm capable of gaming anything else, anymore! :)

Tonight, we go to see a play! *Arsenic and Old Lace*, woo-hoo! It'll be the second time I've seen it on stage. I can't wait!
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there!, Hello

the past ain't what it's cracked up to be!

Thanks Kat, for writing about this in your live journal, and inspiring a response out of me. Mine only took 40 minutes. :P

16 years ago (1988)
1. I was in eighth grade at Richards Junior High School
2. I had been living in Fraser MI for three months, after moving out of East Detroit
3. I was playing trumpet in band, second chair in band
4. I was making friends with Bob Glencer and Kevin Tule, Conan Milner and Josh Neds-Fox, Mark Vanderhagen and others.
5. I decided to never use a calculator in math class (though calculators were provided). I maintained an ‘A’ average, and always finished my tests first.
6. Got called out for a fight with another kid, can’t even remember his name and didn’t show up.

10 years ago (1994)
1. I was in Oakland University, sophomore level.
2. I was taking nuclear physics class, taught by Michael Chopp, a medical physicist from New York.
3. I was fucking my best friend’s girlfriend, while he was away at college. She was my first, and would become my biggest regret.
4. I bought my first copy of the Writer’s Market, and started trying to become a writer.
5. I was using my parents’ Apple 2C computer for cheesy video games and the AppleWorks word processor.
6. I was taking a class in Chaos at the U, which adjusted my perceptions of the universe.
7. I won second place in OU’s writing competition ($15 prize) for “Frosted Glass.” It was supposed to be published, but the publication folded before this could happen.

5 years ago (1999)
1. I had a B.S. (Physics, with honors), a B.A. (English) and underway in the M.A. (English) program.
2. I was living in Ferndale, Michigan, with Lori, one of my best friends and her boyfriend.
3. I got a rejection slip from Lucasfilms.
4. I got my second two paychecks for writing. One for a book review (for John Shirley’s Black Butterflies, $25 and what’s more Mr. Shirley sent me a copy of his next book signed and personalized!) and a short story, (another $25 for a little thang called “Terry Finch and the Myth Magician”) both in the online ‘zine *Dark Annie*.
5. I drove a Chevy Beretta.
6. I was dating Trista Karin Brown.

3 years ago (2001)
1. Trista and I’d been married for a month.
2. We were living in Waterford, MI, in one of the best apartments I’ve ever had.
3. We were gaming weekly (Vampire: the Masquerade) with Bob, Jay, and sometimes Tom.
4. I was building the DVD collection.
5. I was working for Perot Systems, doing correspondence customer service (amongst other things) as a contract employee with Volkswagen of America.
6. I was driving Howie, the 1999 Black, VW New Beetle. So far, the best car I’ve ever owned.

2 years ago (2002)
1. I was living on Fairmont Blvd, in Wooster.
2. I was employed by Umass Medical School, stretching rat ligaments in an experiment that “wasn’t rocket science” but would continue off-and-on for the next two years.
3. I was a writing machine, working on two Goosebumps style novels, a ya novel, and several short stories.
4. *Suspiria* was my favorite movie; Dario Argento one of my favorite directors.
5. I could park in a parking lot, as opposed to on the street.
6. I made fudge for Trista’s study sessions, before she had a big test.

1 year ago (2003)
1. I was living on Ingleside with Trista and roommate Kat.
2. I was looking forward to having a new roommate (Bob).
3. I was cowriting a super hero short story with said prospective roommate – it got rejected.
4. I was playing DnD 3ed weekly with Kat, Trista and Tater – the Bone Hill campaign.
5. I was working on rat skin stretching experiments.

Yesterday, I
1. Games Mastered DnD 3ed for Trista and Jeff – the Abyssthor campaign.
2. Hurridly prepped for DnD 3ed, not realizing the players would go in a completely different direction – waste of time, you better believe it!
3. Assembled enough data for three different comparison graphs for the Galil Motion Control board – those graphs show differing levels of missed data.
4. Read 40 pages, or so, of Brian Keene’s zombie horror novel *The Rising*.
5. Listened to Trista read a couple of brief Faerie Tales aloud.
6. discovered that Yard Sales and Garage sales are illegal in Rome.

Tomorrow, I
1. will visit El Jeffe in Palmer, to play more DnD 3ed.
2. will sleep in!
3. will share some snuggle time with Trista, after Kat’s mom arrives to take her away.
4. will work some more on writing – try to finish “Yes, We Have No Bananas.”
5. will say, “Bye-bye, see you later!” to Kat, who’s heading off to be with her mom and sister.
6. will do my Project: Greenlight reviews (maybe not all of them, but at least one).

4 Bad Habits I have
1. Picking my nose.
2. Eating my fingernails and toenails.
3. Whacking off waaaaay too much.
4. Not dusting.

5 Interests at the Moment:
1. Orpheus, Cthulhu and Deadlands RPGs.
2. The DVDs I haven’t seen yet.
3. Exploring other avenues of writing.
4. Drawning Manga.
5. How Babylon-5 will end... and what its creator is doing now!

Places I have Lived:
1. East Detroit, MI
2. Fraser, MI
3. Ferndale, MI (two different rental houses!)
4. Waterford, MI
5. Worcester, MA (two different apartments)

Top 4 Biggest Worries at the moment:
1. That I have no talent.
2. That I will lose my income, and not be able to find another.
3. That the stability of our household will fall apart due to some minor infraction.
4. That the world will be catapulted into devestation by our own foolish pride and ignorance.

Top 4 Biggest Joys at the moment:
1. That I submitted my Project: Greenlight script in before the deadline.
2. That for the moment, gays and lesbians are not Constitutionally restricted from marrying.
3. That Trista Karin Robichaud loves me so much.
4. That Poppy Z. Brite AND Joe R. Lansdale have new novels coming out in 11 days.
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