March 2nd, 2004

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Starting A Fire Under My Ass

Whew! What a weekend! Let's roll on recounting it.

Thursday was mostly a relaxation evening, an attempt to distance myself slightly from my Project: Greenlight entry. A little TV watching (The Apprentice; MXC - most extreme elimination challenge) a little reading, a little not much useful.

Friday, I hit the dealership in the morning (just after 8), brought my editing with me. I got about thirty pages in (2.5 hours, or so) and then the ECM was replaced. No more check engine light! Wooooo!

Got home, edited more. Entered edits into the computer. I was done with this by 2:30. I submitted the screenplay a couple of hours later. That night, I watched *Fudoh: The Next Generation.* What a fucked up and interesting movie! Hyperviolent, hypercool, and mondo bizarro. Takashi Miike is amazing. Audition, Visitor Q, Happiness of the Katakuris, now... Fudoh. Shweet!

I was at a loss of what to do Friday night, actually... Since I beat the damn deadline!

Saturday, I watched *Once Upon a Time in the West* (Sergeo Leone, dir), what an amazing movie that was. Then I hit the post office, to send a copy of the script to the copyright office. I also filed a copy of the script with the WGA (writers guild of america). Now I'm covered from plagarists! Saturday evening, Trista and I went to visit Sharon and Jeff. We had a decent time, watched *Whale Rider*. I managed to stick my foot in my mouth, and we were on our way home by ten. All in all, embarrassing, but nice. And then we crashed.

Sunday, Trista and I hung out, watch the Academy Awards, went to Gameboro (picked up the Warcraft board game). Trista and I went to the Chinese buffet for dinner, my ass hasn't been the same since... Sheesh! IN the morning, I read Orson Scott Card's guide on writing SF&F. It gave me a few inspirations for the Banana story (I have researched more on the banana story today).

Monday, tragedy struck our plumbing. It took far too much effort to get things cleared up. I have since ordered a drain snake... Again, yuck. Ah well, otherwise, yesterday was gorgeous. Today's pretty nice so far, too!

Let's hope the weather trend continues...

The bad news is: Pete's grant is not in the percentile to be funded. Looks like this is going to light the fire under my bum to get things going. Creativity and output are the goals for today. Time to get cracking.
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