February 26th, 2004

there!, Hello

I feel drained.

Well, at work yesterday, I had el boring experiment from hell. So, I managed to write ten pages of script. At home, I wrote another 29 pages of script. Just this morning, I wrote the last seven. That's right. Done. From conception to completed first draft: four days.

Laws, was that an experience. Haven't accomplished something like that since Michigan. In fact, this is the first feature length screenplay I've actually finished since we moved from Michigan, back in 2001. My thanks to Project: Greenlight, and my a-muse-ing honey for kicking me in the ass.

Now, on to the hard work. Editing out the repetition, and fixing it up. Hopefully, it won't be horrid. Maybe this one'll make it to the semi finals! You never know. It'd be nice if I make it past round one, this try; however, the accomplishment makes me proud, no matter the longevity.

The story encapsulated: After an auto wreck kills her parents and transplants her from the suburbs of southeastern Michigan to rural Kentucky, a broken, teenaged girl discovers a bizarre and chilling secret about the uncle she is forced to live with.

Said that way, it sounds a little cheesy... Then again, story spines usually sound a little cheesy. For example: an occult oriented detective attempts to foil a plot to raise a cult leader from the dead (Lord of Illusions). A crashed astronaut strives to escape from a world where apes are the dominant species and human beings are their slaves (Planet of the Apes). After finding a severed human ear in a field, a young man is drawn into the dark secrets of his home town (Blue Velvet).

Tonight, I edit and refine.
Then, watch *The Apprentice* (at nine).
And have a glass of wine,
before it gets to be bedtime.

I feel like I've earned it!
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