February 24th, 2004

there!, Hello

Hyperfast, I've got things ta do

Well, last night was pretty groovy. T and I went to Outback Steakhouse, had some steak. I had prime rib, which was so-so; Trista had a really good steak... Thin, well cooked, quite tastey (I hadda bite). We dropped by Soloman Borders for a vanilla flavored steamed milk beverage. I picked up a book on Beginnings, Middles and Ends (in writing), a copy of Matriesse (Criterion Collection DVD), and got Mage: The Fallen Tower for Trista. Good night.

Mostly, I spent it thinking/talking about possible movie ideas. I happened on one that struck me (at Outback), talked it through a little bit, found some of the holes to consider. I constructed the characters on napkins at Borders, as well as the spine of the script. We got home, I turned on the computer and started writing. 9-11:30, I got 16 pages done (beginnings are always the hardest). Plan to get somewhere around 60 by the end of today. I'll have to check the length limits for Project: Greenlight. The story started out as a modern gothic take on the Bluebeard faerie tale. Now it is becoming something a little stranger... I dig the story, however, and the characters. So far, so good.

Trista looked gorgeous last night. Red satin Chinese top, leather skirt to just above the knee, dose hosiery and a pair of sexy boots... Impeccable makeup. My breath has never been stolen faster. She is my muse, I hope I appreciate her enough.

Didn't see much of Kat. Read in her journal that slipped on ice and banged her head, yesterday. Saw her briefly when we got home, but she was sleepy quiet, dealing with laundry, and looked kind of out of it. Head blows do that to a person, though. Hopefully, she's looking forward to stitch 'n' bitch tonight! And I hope her head/back feel better. Her building needs to figure out who's responsible for that ice, so she can sue the shit out of them, and make a gazillion dollars.

Well, gotta go. Deal with the workload today and try to sneak some writing time in. Tonight, I'll pound out more of the script (as yet untitled). Thank goodness no gaming this week! Leaves me time to write! :)

OH! Got a coupla things in the mail yesterday. *Duck Footed* the new chapbook by Joe R. Lansdale. Read it before sleeping, it was hilarious, a little creepy, a little bizarre. Primo Lansdale. Box of DVDs from Overstock.com. Haven't opened it yet (I was busy) but I know what's inside. Japanese and Hong Kong action in a box! Takishi Miike movies, Michelle Yeoh (Heroic Trio), Irma Vep. Waaaa! My Kung Fu is superior! Actually, they are mostly gun movies... so... "Give a man a gun, he thinks he's invincible. Give him TWO guns, he thinks he's GOD!" BLAMABLAMABLAMABLAMABLAM! My Gun Fu is superior!
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