February 22nd, 2004

there!, Hello

Hrm... deadline a week away...

Well, Project Greenlight is up, looking for 90-120 page horror/thirller screenplays. The deadline is Feb 28. I wonder if I should enter? I still have a coupla days to decide. Part of me wants to hack out a horror script in three days and submit that, maybe ride on the vibe of the poetry contest win... Part of me also wants to enter the director contest -- a little trickier.


Well, I've been assembling my latest story. I'm writing up notes and bits of story -- a little description here, a little dialog there -- trying to hone in on the craft thang. The story is about Bananas, of all things. Yes, We Have No Bananas is a sf piece, I think. Well, it's got an sf base. This might actually make for a decent stage play, too!

Otherwise, I've been working on little fragments of stories, haven't been sleeping well, and am otherwise occupied with the bizarre dramas that rose after Kat's return from her trip to VA, last week. Well, this weekend, Kat visited her mom, and Trista and I did nothing horrid, sordid or naughty. Friday, we went to Dharia's for dinner (along with Dh, Darius, Jordan and Matt) then went to Gameboro, where we hooked up a meet time to try table top RPGs with Amber (our friend from Gameboro). Wednesday (not this week, but the week after) March 3, I believe. Don't know what we'll play, but I have a little time to figure it out.

Well, I've finished off *Four Dark Nights* a collection of four novellas by four prominent authors (Little, Clegg, Picirilli, and Golden) of horror and suspense. Billed that way, I was a little disappointed with the results. A wee bit uneven, I'd say. Of course, it could be that I'm not so much in a spooky book mood right now. THus, I'm 2/3 through THeodore Sturgeon's *The Dreaming Jewels* an odd little piece of speculative fiction, and I'm 1/3 through WIlliam F. Nolan's *Dark Universe* a mkix of crime, horror, sf and blends.

Had a dream that I went to the World Horror Convention in Phoenix Arizona. In the dream, I had fun. I woke up with the desire to write. I have not been successful at this writing shtick, but I keep trying. Too dumb to quit, I guess. I also woke up instilled with the desire to GO to the WHC2004. I probably won't but there's no way I'm ditching 2005.

While talking to my parents yesterday on the phone, my dad suggested I write humor. He said there's a big market for humor in sitcoms, etc. Alas, I cannot write funny. Can't write spooky, either. Those are the two most difficult ways to write, and here he's suggesting I just go ahead and write funny. Ironic. Also reveals how little my dad knows about writing, but he's my dad, so I love him anyway.

Writing is a craft, and I've been approaching it incorrectly. I've just been approaching it like a damn hobby, not really saying anything interesting. I need to stop, reevaluate, improve my craft, and say something interesting. This is what I'm attempting to do with the banana story...

Tomorrow is my third public anniversary. Wonder how it'll be? Sounds like T and I might hit a restaraunt for dinner. I doubt we'll have nookie -- we didn't this whole weekend, just to avoid trouble with the roomie. Last weekend's frolics resulted in headaches and way too much stress. Nobody wants to recap that shit, least of all me. So, we'll see how things go.

Pretty heady notion! Trista and I have been fucking with parental consent for three years, tomorrow.
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