February 17th, 2004

there!, Hello

Git oot a ma face ya wee scunner

Today’s subject line linguistic lesson comes courtesy of my boss, who just returned from a trip to Oxford, England. While visiting his son, my boss and his wife were offered a cuppa tea by their son’s Scottish landlord. The tea arrived in mugs that featured Scot slang. Roughly translated, the above means: Get out of my face, you little shithead.

I have now tried English tea. Pete brought back two boxes of Tea (PG Tips brand, from West Sussex) at my request, and two bottles of “lemon jam” (one lemon marmalade; one lemon curd) at Marco’s request. I took the curd and a box of tea, Marco got the marmalade (which has little lemon shavings floating in it). We tried some of Marco’s tea for our morning tea break. I must say, I canna tast the difference between American and Brit tea.

Thursday I surprised myself. The household attended a Young Friends meeting at the Worcester Art Museum. It was a Valentine’s Day themed gathering, featuring numbered bags (and corresponding numbered badges for people) for the singles and a poetry contest for the couples. The bags worked like this: see a single person you dig, get their number, fill out a card, and then slip that card into their corresponding bag. Not-so-secret secret admirations, I suppose. For couples, write a poem. The poems are reviewed, and a winner is chosen. Well, I won. I won a small plastic box with a pad of paper and a fab painting on the cover, and a free membership to the museum! Schweet! And I thought my poem was crappy! Ah well…

After the museum, the household went to see *Girl With a Pearl Earring*, and the movie was interesting, but felt somehow incomplete… I’m still chewing it over.

Friday was a pain in the ass day. Woke up too early after getting to bed too late. Drove Kat to the train station (no sweat, I was happy to), then drove Trista to work (again, no sweat, quite happy to). The four hour wait in the dealership, however… I couldn’t read, the book I’d brought was crappy, so I stared at the boob tube, watched the Today show, watched Regis, watched more today show… I arrived at Saturn of Worcester at 7:30, I wish someone had told me when I set up the appointment that the techs didn’t show up until 8. Took them four hours to give it an oil change, change the fuel filter, and diagnose the cruise control/check engine light problem. The ECM (Engine Control Module) is not communicating as it should be. They ordered a part and it will take about a week for it to arrive. I then have to return to the dealership to have the part put into the car… Yuck.

I was home by just after 11:30. I called Trista to see if she wanted to take her car in (it was a car care weekend) for new tires (two were flat) and brake repair (the rotors needed replacing). Alas, Julie, a tech for her lab who’s been out due to pregnancy complications (i.e. she had the kid), was showing up at lunchtime bringing the gift of free food. No sweat. We’d only kicked around the idea of getting her car to Firestone around lunchtime that morning, it wasn’t set in stone, was just a suggestion. Trista said she’d be done early, though, so, we could deal with the car then. I was out of sorts, exhausted by unable to really sleep. I watched a couple episodes of Xena: Season 2. I tried again, to unsuccessfully read *House on Orchid Street*, man was that difficult. I waited for T to call. She did, and I went to pick her up. We went to Advance Auto Parts, got two cans of fix a flat, used them on her car and then drove up to Firestone, to drop off the car. We were both dog tired, talked about taking a nap, but we didn’t. The car crapolla was the worst part of the day, everything else went fine. Dinner was pretty tasty. We watched *The Apprentice* (recorded from Thursday, as we were out), and had homemade chicken Caesar salad… Yummy, yummy! We crashed around 10.

Saturday. Woke up at 8:30. Still feeling wonked by the previous day’s bizarre schedule. We bathed, exchanged Valentines day presents (she got me five of the six books in the *Tales from The House Of Bunnicula* series! Woo hoo! Stories “written” by my favorite wire-haired dachshund puppy, Howie! Oh, and a stuffed Shoggoth! Tekeli-Li! I got her a Bab-5 RPG book, and red, silk pajamas.), showered, and then did the waiting gig. T did some running around, while I waited at home for Firestone to call. During the wait time, I won *Grand Theft Auto 3*. Around noon, we called Firestone (they never call us, it seems), found out the car was done, and then we were off. I mailed my parents Val-Day package. We got Trista’s car – the White Caveleir named Sarah – and then we went to lunch. I cashed in one of my fast food coupons for the month (a new year’s resolution I made is to only have fast food (Toxic Hell, Burger Fling, Mikey-Dees, KFC, Subway, etc.) twice a month) and we had Arbys. Laws was it tasty! Gameboro had nothing that screamed out for me to buy. Bestbuy, likewise had nothing I wanted. We went home, hung out. Trista played Morrowind, while I finished off House on Orchid Street, laws did that book disappoint! It falls into the crappy novel region. I did not enjoy it at all. That night, we played a little *Grimm* (Trista GMd for me! Fun game, set in a world of grown up, eerie faerie tales.), made a little love, and otherwise stayed in.

Sunday morning, we finished reading *Dial-A-Ghost* (by Eva Ibbotson), started and finished *It Came From Beneath The Bed!* (book one of the Tales from the House of Bunnicula series) by James Howe. Then, we went to Natick for lunch at the Olive Garden. We browsed around Barnes and Noble (looked up Mother Goose Rhymes), then dropped by the Natick Bestbuy. I used a coupon for 10% off to get *The Sheild Season 2*, *People Will Talk* (Cary Grant), *Once Upon a Time in the West* (spaghetti western, cowritten by Dario Argento!), and *City Hunter* (Jackie Chan!). We went home, Trista played *Morrowind*, and then I tried out *Grand Theft Auto: Vice City* – what a wild and fun game, that is! Lots of stars voices for that one – Ray Liotta, Luis Guzman, Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, and others… Wicked Fun. We then went to Adrienne’s place, played games and hung out. Adrienne, George, Jordan, Matt, Trista, Dharia and I. We played Wise and Otherwise, then Dharia had to go. Then we played two hands of Graverobber from Outer Space. Fun time, lots of laughs. We got home by 1:00ish.

Monday was a stay at home, baking peach pie, and fucking like bunnies day. Trista did a little grocery shopping in the morning, and then we were just spending time together. There was a Planet of the Apes TV Show marathon on, we finished off the hentai anime series La Blue Girl, watched a little of the cheesy-fun porno The Maddams Family, watched a couple episodes of Bab-5 season 4, and the first 25-30 minutes of Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Trista finished reading me *The Pushcart War* by Jean Merrill – excellent book, quite funny and charming!

Now Kat’s vacation is over. Bummer. But she’ll be out and about Saturday with her mom… That should be nice!
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