February 9th, 2004

there!, Hello

U Down Wit Da Bling?

Word up, homies. This is Ice-Cold D to the R, trippin on the Livejournal.

Well, the weekend was nice, but it is done. I've been getting more and more disappointed with having to go back to work... I need to kickstart tha mothalovin' writing career with a couple of hits.

Let's see, what was the haps these past few days? Well, Friday was snowy as all get out. Snow turned to freezing rain turned to ice turned to seventeen shades of yuck. Left here sometime after noon, went grocery shopping, then went home. Watched a little box, read a little of Graham Masterton's *The Gatekeepers*. Interesting premise (a new ride on the classic many worlds theory) fraught with typos. At one part, a character named Ella changed names to Emma for three pages! Hmmm. I read 50 pages Friday, 250 pages Saturday and the final 78 on Sunday. I also read Heinlein's *Orphans...* (which I picked up on the last trip to Borders) on Sunday. Yep, the whole thing. I also read through the Gamma World Player's Handbook on Saturday. Yep, half of it. Basically, it was a reading, reading, reading weekend.

At one point, we talked about playing SAS, but that idea got nubbed due to Kat's returning from a trip to the pharmacy in foul spirits. So, Trista and I talked about gaming, just the two of us. Well, I made a character for her Grimm game (d20 mechanics, faerie tales on acid style). That was that.

I wrote a total of 2000 words. Yep. Need to invest a hellofalot more interest than this in February's story. Did I watch anything? Well, a couple episodes of CSI. Two episodes of Season 3 Bab-5. Trista played X-box Morrowind this weekend. I gave GTA3 a couple of plays. Basically, a rest up kind of weekend.

Man, am I looking forward to this weekend. Kat goes to Fabufest and will hopefully return in good spirits. That means T and I can run around the apartment naked all weekend (as opposed to running around in our underwear, which is nicer to our roomie). We won't, but the idea is nice. I'm just looking forward to a lot of weekends, lately. Time that I don't have to perform monotonous chores.

Bought some CDs, yesterday. Outkast. 50 cent. Missy Elliot. It was my day to hook up wit my black arts interest again. Something I haven't done in a long time. Maybe I should refine gangsta horror as a literary form? Brian Keene started it, might as well transform the bandwagon and jump on. Maybe I should do this under some kinda pseudonym.

Chinese food sucks, these days. I think I've OD'd on it. Time to move along, nothing to eat here. Maybe I should move back into Sphagetti-Ohs, and say "Forget this diverse eating schtick." Again, I won't but the idea's nice.

I ain't down wit the bling, baby. I oughta be. Time to get rich or die tryin. Peace out.
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