February 3rd, 2004

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A February Fable: starting the month off

Hmmm. I need to get better about writing this thing.

Friday: Went Beatles nuts, bought four, count em four albums in one day. Magical Mystery Tour, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, Let It Be...Naked. Schweet, schweet, schweet! Took Kat to the bank, so she could deposit her checks. Went to the gaming store: got a Gamma World supplement. Between bank and game store, we hit Osaka -- a Japanese restaraunt. Boy was I not in the mood for Japanese, but Trista asked me to go, so... I went. Reminds me of the one good quote from George Bush, about why he did not attend a debate back when he was originally running for pres. His wife was getting an award, he explained; he had a choice, attend the award thing for/with his wife or go to the debate. Then, he asked how many of the reporters were married. Several raised their hands. He smiled, said, "Then you know." Friday night, we rented and then watched Revenge of the Nerds. What a goofy movie! Still funny after all these years, and sadly I can recite the damn songs. :) Oh, I also finished Ketchum's *Peacable Kingdom*.

Saturday's big thang was: we went to Bubba HoTep, again. Excellent flick, a brand spanking new American Tall Tale. Excellent on all fronts. Good friggin movie! Also, Trista and Kat went yarn storing. We had Chinese for lunch, and home was kind of a snoozer til the movie.

Sunday was a late start day. First of February. I cleaned up a little around the apartment. Trista went with Kat to get Kat some new glasses. They look sharp. Meanwhile, I stayed home and prepped. Got in the groove for Silver Age Sentinels rpg. When T and K came back home, it was after 3, and Kat wanted a nap. I thought, well, there goes gaming... To my surprise, no. We did game a little that night. Action packed, goofy kind of thing. Trista and I also watched half of Bab-5 disc 2. I also packed up "Uno Dinero" to send to The Edge magazine.

Had a weird dream this night: T, K and I were living in a different apartment. Trista and My room was pretty much my room in my parents's house, in Fraser MI. Trista was dressed totally Trinity, wearing a vinyl/PVC/rubber number, and we were fooling around. Then, Kat called out to us from outside the door -- something like "Goodnight!" and we replied, "G'Night!" but she misheard and opened the door, just as I was finishing myself off. Spooge hit Trista in the face, and Kat got all embarassed and ran to the next room -- the bathroom. Trista and I put on robes, etc, and went after her. Kat was embarassed as all hell, and the whole situation was more than a little strange. Things ended up, alright, though. Seriously odd was seeing Trista, with some spooge on her cheek, hug Kat goodnight. There was no spooge transfer, nothing wiped off on anyone, but it was still more than a little surreal... As Kat went off to bed, I wiped the stuff off Trista's cheek, we had a chuckle, and then I woke up.

Monday, I stayed home from work. Trista stayed home in the morning, but went in for the afternoon. We spent most of the morning in bed, but rose around eleven to bathe and watch an episode of Bab-5. After T left, I started on the February Calender Girl story. By bedtime, I had 3300 words -- so far a little repetative in places, but it's going well. Sad story, in my head. Also, Monday, I watched *The Prowler*. Cheesy slasher flick from the eighties, brutal and surprisingly not terrible. No Bubba HoTep, though... :) The gore was nicely done -- Tom Savini work. I read the last 200 pages of Andrew Harper(aka Doug Clegg)'s *Red Angel*. Not bad, but not great, alas; I believe I might be tired of the serial killer thriller genre. As well, I read over half of Heinlein's *Red Planet*. Terribly exciting! This months selections from Leisure Books' Horror Book Club came in, two exciting titles: Michael Laimo's *Deep In the Darkness* (a novel set in the world of his Golden Eyes trilogy of short stories), and a collection of novellas by Tim Lebbon, *Fears Unnatural*. Man, did I have a hard time getting to sleep last night! In the evening, the household watched a pair of CSI: Season Two episodes over dinner.

Tuesday, I am at work, and Pete (my boss) decided to take a mental health day. No sweat, says I, since yesterday was more or less a mental health day por moi. Tonight, Trista suggested more SAS. I dunno if I'm awake enough to GM. I need to get my 1100 words out of the way, and I need to stop off at the paste orifice (post office to muggles). Otherwise, I dunno what I want to do tonight. Looks like Stitch and Bitch might be off, since Daria's on vacation. We shall see. Maybe we can watch a flick or something. Or maybe tonight will be a Borders night, so we can return the flick to Blockbuster (which is on the way to the bookstore). I figure I'll finish reading Red PLanet, anyway.
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