January 29th, 2004

there!, Hello

Just Another Pleasant Valley Trashday...

It's garbage night. I need to take a hacksaw to the old futon bits, and get them out of the sunroom.

Well, I've got a little catching up to do.

Tuesday night I pared down Uno Dinero further, recognized an interesting subtext to the story, and achieved what I thought was a final draft. Trista read it and gave me the old complaint -- it seems too distant. Well, hell. After reading up on better writing, I pulled out tricks from the old tool chest. I used active verbs, eradicated the passive. I used shorter, punchier sentences. I got into the characters heads more, less rote activity. Maybe my descriptions need to be better. I dunno. I really think I am incapable of writing anything that excites Trista to read it with any level of intimacy. Perhaps my verbs are boring. Worse yet, perhaps I schooled her out of being able to read my stuff with any level of intimacy, by asking her those goofy questions, "How was it," "What did you think of ___," "Is the grammar okay?" or "Did it seem to flow and make sense?" Ah well, fuck it. I'll give it a read through tonight, and see if its ready to mail Friday/Saturday.

Wednesday night, I started something new. It was an idea that had been bubbling around the old noggin. What resulted was an 1800 word piece called "October." It has an intesting first draft, deals with my sense of what that magical month has degenerated into in the suburbs. I need to lift, I mean reference, a couple of descriptions from the stories it is speaking to (Bradbury and William Simmons' "October Boy"). I think this one is a modern literary thing. Maybe a mainstream piece. Definitely not genre, though I think it would look pretty slick in Cemetery Dance... Then again, everything looks slick in CD.

Speaking of which, I had a dream Wednesday morning. I got a big envelope in the mail from Cemetery Dance with three things in it: two books I didn't preorder, but that looked interesting, and an acceptance packet. Apparently, a story I'd sent in got confused with a collection that someone else had sent. The collection got accepted, my story got rejected, and I got the lucky saps documents to okay publication. Weird joy became the most soul crushing bummer, when I realized the cover letter announcing, "We've agreed to publish your work" wasn't intended for me.

Well, there it is. My busy nights. Other than writing/editing, I've worked on the gnoll game, and given some thoughts to a d20 modern style game (Aliens/Halo sort of thing) and a weird blacksploitation idea...

Project: Greenlight's third contest is coming up, and they're looking for a genre picture. I've been giving some thought to this as well... But what kind of story should I tell? Something unique, maybe, but accessible. Not zombie related. I was thinking of sort of a dramatic sf thing, not quite bab-5 level, but character motivated and intelligent. Hmmm. Of course, I could do the Temp Worker movie idea, sort of a Taxi-Driver for the modern day. I just don't want to do a Kevin Williamson riff; there's been enough of those. Of course, I could fall back on a cthuthonic nuns beach party sort of idea. Add a blacksploitation angle and you'd have one fecked up script...
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