January 26th, 2004

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Playing Ketchup

Sheesh when was the last time I wrote in this thing? Well, here's the biggie events in life for the last five days or so.

Thursday, we saw *The Cooler* at the Bijou with Dharia and Darius. It made a good presentation of the awkwardness of love. Altogether, an enjoyable movie. It reminded me of the goofy things Trista and I did when we were first exploring our lovin... The fantasy element was a nice touch too. What's the movie about? The biggest loser in Las Vegas works as a "Cooler" in the Golden Shangri-La casino. His very presence can change winning streaks into losing streaks. This is Bernie Lootz' life, and it changes one night when a cocktail waitress invites him out for a drink, and love happens. Touching, funny, and a little sad at times, quite a moving movie, and a dirty cure for the sometimes glitz-heavy CSI presentation of Vegas.

Friday was a sleepy day. Work was work, and that evening was a stay at home thing. Trista and I watched part of The Blood of FuManchu (aka The Kiss of Death) and man was it baaaaad. I actually fell asleep. Not the actors faults -- okay, maybe a little, the bandit king was a wee bit over the top -- but the script was just abysmal. Even Christopher Lee couldn't save the drivel, because though he was the title character, most of the movie seems to deal with the people out to stop him. Ah well.

Saturday was a busy afternoon. Post Office in the morning to mail Jordan's b-day present. Followed by the 1:00 showing of *Monster* at the Bijou. Followed by grocery shopping. And then we rested. :)

*Monster* was an interesting movie. Not so much a horror movie, as a character study of a Dark Personality. One of the murders bugged me; a grandfatherly type person, who was nothing but nice to Charlize Theron's character, is killed for no reason. You could see she didn't want to, but she did anyway. Terribly troubling, though the setup was a little routine. I thought the movie was better than Die Mommy Die, and Charlize Theron's portrayal was, pardon the pun, killer. However, I didn't love the picture; it was all right. My tastes they are achanging.

Trista didn't like the picture. She's not a fan of visiting those dark places. Dirty people doing dirty things are not her cup of tea for entertainment. Kat seemed to really connect with it though. I suppose *Monster* is to me, what Elephant was to her -- a big question mark.

Either Friday or Saturday night we watched two episodes of CSI and one of Bab-5 Season 3. Saturday late night I watched half of *Cabin Fever* and all of *Under the Skin: The Making of Cabin Fever* Featurette. Such an odd little flick.

Sunday I cleaned up around the place a little. Reorganized shelves and such. Trista and I finished off a game of *Silver Age Sentinels* we began in the week after we returned from Christmas. Her character is a high schooler, who gets mixed up in the craziest situations. Light and fluffy, not very stuffy, but it was mindless fun for a coupla hours.

The real meat of the day came Sunday night: we cracked open the box of Bab-5: Season 4 and watched the first two episodes. After seeing those, I wanted to finish off the disc and blow off work the next day. The Bab-5 bug has bitten me something fierce. Damn, that is a show that completely connects with me, that I just can't get enough of. I am eager to devour the whole thing, but also want to stretch it out a little, so as to savor it... Season 5 comes out in April, I've already preordered it. The end is in sight -- at once exhilerating and sad.

To fill in the blanks, also this weekend, I sat around playing vidiot games (Grand Theft Auto 3 is a grand thief of my time) and reading Orpheus. Hands down, Orpheus is one of the best games I've read in years. I'm not even done, yet, and the thing is so far damn near perfect. Setting, tone, style, writing, ideas... It's got everything going for it. I know I will probably never play it (not quite the kind of game my group enjoys), but man, the read is fantastic!

However, there are plenty of things I didn't do this weekend:
TaiBo. How'm I gonna lose the weight if I don't get with the program?
Writing. How'm I supposed to get published if I don't do the work?
Sweeping, vaccuuming, dusting, etc. I hate the way I live and I need to change it.

Notice how much fluff composes my life above? What is up there of merit? Not much of anything. Trista works during the week, she should be able to relax on the weekends. Kat too. They have goals and are actively working toward them. During the week I work, but not toward my goals -- I work to stay where I am. I need to buckle down and figure out what I really want to do and then do it. Publish or perish? Get a Real Job and pull down some Real Money? If I'm gonna work where I am, fine and good, but then I need to kick the writing thing into gear. Most of the Real Writers I read, they write so damn much they don't have social lives.

I am an amateur. Time to kick it up a notch. At least 1100 words six days a week day, no buts. One day of the weekend will find me at the computer for at least 5000 words. No excuses. Get off your ass, Dan, and get to work. Enough coasting, loser.
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