January 21st, 2004

there!, Hello

Feeling better today...

Amazing what a decent amount of sleep will do for a person... I feel much better, less sorry for myself.

Well, yesterday was Christopher Lee blitz day... Six, count em six movies on DVD! Schweet! Watched a couple of trailers/TV spots last night, and I have to commnent on one of them. The TV spots for Rasputin: THe Mad Monk are incredibly hilarious. They mention that the way to avoid evil is to disguise yourself. To this end, theatres were offering free Rasputin BEARDS (for guys and gals) at the door of every showing! And I MISSED OUT on this, because I wasn't born yet -- SHEESH! Ah well. Cheesy, but wonderful fun with one of the Great Actors of the past six decades.

I also snagged Cabin Fever, and the Desperado trilogy (cheap!). And The Beatles' White Album. I've dragged the Beatles to work, and I have to say: I'm turning into a Beatles man... Alack and alas, I must be a shame to all those Elvis people out there, but I am continually impressed and refreshed by the Fab Four's experimentation and song writing. I want more! Trista will have to hold me back until next week, when we get paid, or else I'll go on a Beatles buying blitz! Sgt. Pepper is still an affecting and spiffy keen album, I must say (possibly still my fav). And Revolver is just plain cool...

Last night, I watched (not Chris Lee) but the History Channel -- who are having Barbarian Week. I got to learn about Genghis Khan (sp?) and the Mongols, and a little about the Huns. I wonder who will be on tonight?

Only wrote 700 words yesterday, and I don't know if I like them. Story inspired by one of The Boss' tunes...

I managed to finish reading *Becoming October*, and the last story (called, "October Boy") really struck me. On the surface it is a reflection of all things Halloween, especially Bradbury, and simultaneously, it strikes me that most of these remembrances are no longer valid... Makes me want to write a retaliatory Halloween story which espouses the truth of Halloween today, kind of a horror story for nostalgic horror writers.

I decided not to game this week, yet I still haven't sent out the email to say as much.

Well, I think I'm progressing quite well on the motor operation today. I actually have a clue as to where I'm supposed to go and how to get there!

Looks like we're going to the flicks tomorrow. We'll see The Cooler with Dharia and Darius -- the Dharanator and Daranator respectively. While watching Clue on Monday, I started getting the itch to put together a Host Your Own Murder sort of dinner party. I know our household talked about a Winter Masquerade, and this might be a good second choice. I suppose we'd invite Dhar and Dar, the Leitches... Who else? Should I come up with a deadly widow character for Kat -- sort of a Ms. White on crack? Hmmm. It's a thought... Then again, with all these couples around, she might feel a little awkward. Ah well... I'll give it more thought anyhow.

Intereating final note: Return what is given to you, is a Mongolian saying. Sounds kind of nice, but what a legacy it has! According to the Barbarian show, this saying was invoked when the Mongols captured a Moslem Prince who'd insulted the Mongolian Ambassador (shaved him and drove him out of the city) and then poured molten silver into the Prince's ears and eyes.
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