January 20th, 2004

there!, Hello

A lot of ground to cover, not a lot of time to do it...

Saturday was kind of an annoying blow off day. During the morning/afternoon, I got quite a bit done. Sent out "Moving" (to exotic Canada, no less). Went to the bank. Went to the Gaming Store, picked up a couple of things - Grimm (a d20 game set in the realm of weird faerie tales, this has Trista all over it), the third book for White Wolf's Orpheus Series (sort of a grim, but not grimm, ghostbusters situation set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, well written and emotionally rich), and Crime Scene: Forensics (another d20 thing, this one detailing CSI style activities).

Otherwise, I was breaking my back coming up with an adventure for Sharon, Tater and Trista. That evening, we went to the Leitch household in Palmer, and discovered, woe-hoe, Sharon had chickened out of the gaming experiment. Hmm. Trista was pissed, I was more accepting. We drank two bottles of wine (a Shiraz and a Merlot, both good, both from California), played board games, and otherwise acted like two married couples meeting on a Saturday night.

Trista was desi-driver, so she consumed lighter quantities of alcohol. And boy does Sharon become Miss Punchy/Slappy/Kicky when she's been in her cups! Still, I think I really saw them as a cute couple for the first time, that night, so it wasn't a night wasted -- just a wasted prepping-stressful exercise before.

Sunday we went to two movies at the Bijou. Die Mommy Die! was at times funny, but mostly it was a parody of the family melodrama picture that I have never been enthralled with. Elephant was something else. A brooding beast of a movie, an experience. Very minimalist, tight and chilling. It is a movie to reflect upon... It builds on a foundation of van Sant's previous movies. I don't know that I can honestly recommend it, but I am glad I saw it; this reaction was similar to my reaction to Jack Ketchum's novel, *The Girl Next Door*.

Sunday evening we hung out. I started working on a CSI: Detroit concept for the Crime Scene: Forensics game -- two stories to date -- and I wrote up a B-movie outline called "Maul Rats!" which could either be a game adventure (for It Came From The Late, Late, Late Show) or a real B-movie idea.

Monday morning, we went to Tatnuck Bookseller -- Worcester's near famous independent bookstore -- and saw a performance of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Very moving. You can tell Dr. King was a preacher -- the use of language, the emotional transitions, most excellent. And the reading! Powerful and excellent... The actress speaking it broke down into tears by the end of the piece. I felt near there myself. I am white, but I agree with Dr. King's words. He was a truly great man; one whose like we shall not see again, I'm afraid.

Bought a couple of books at Tatnuck to use up a gift certificate I received for X-mas. I find myself absorbed by nonfiction, these days... Yet I cannot seem to read a nonfiction text cover to cover. Bizarre. Because I was up until 2 the night before, I was in no mood to Games Master anything, so I bowed out of that task. Mostly it was a lounge around day, culminating with a viewing of the comedy Barbershop. Excellent flick! Cedric the Entertainer was hilarious!

By the end of Monday, I was enmeshed in several books: I am reading Jack Ketchum's collection *Peacable Kingdom*, Tom Piccirilli's collection/novel *Pentacle*, a chapbook of horror shorts called *Becoming October* by William P. Simmons (I believe), a YA novel *Dial A Ghost* (which I picked up at Tatnuck).

Tuesday finds me grumpy and sleepy. Tonight I go to Bestbuy to get DVDs -- the Christopher Lee collection and Cabin Fever are calling to me... Also, I think I'll snag the Beatles' White Album. Tonight, Trista and Kat will go to Stitch And Bitch, and I will decide if I want to do more on the Tater/Trista/gnoll adventure this week. I must admit, the idea of ditching that game this week sounds terribly appetizing. I'm not bored with gaming, just with the games I'm stuck in right now, maybe.

Last night, I was really wondering why I should be excited about playing games that no one else seems to be excited about. Maybe I need to switch hobbies, or rearrange to try and do something that others might be excited about... Now, if they read this, they'll more than likely respond "Oh, we like your games, Dan." However, I just don't feel it. Who knows? Maybe it's my own humdrum feelings, right now.
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there!, Hello


Trista does get excited about my games and stories and such... As grumpy as I get, I cannot forget that. If she wasn't around to be supportive, I honestly don't know what I would do.
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