January 16th, 2004

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Not Yet A Declared State of Emergency

Well, temperatures continue to drop on our side of the country. Maine is cold enough that the governor has declared a state of emergency. Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts has not done this yet. Currently, the temp is around -10 Farenheit. With the wind whipping across your skin, the temp feels like -35. Either way, colder than a witch's feet -- as someone who knows witches, I can vouch their feet get pretty chill.

Last night we went out into the cold twice -- once to attend a function for the Young Friends of the Worcester Art Museum and once to see a flick.

The Young Friends median age is around 40. I dunno how "young" that is, but whatever. We arrived for what was scheduled to be a wine tasting, and found out there were kickers attached. One, the first taste was free, anything more cost money. Second, the vino was merde. That's a mix of Italian (vino=wine) and French (if you don't know what merde is, I shall not be the one to pop your ignorance bubble. I'll merely suggest the wine to be less than properly palatable.) In the beginning, we stood around chit chatting. Later, we toured the museum with Jordan (one of the Stitch n' Bitch crowd) acting as tour manager. As she works at the museum, this was okay. Dunno if I liked her "You look at this one and say..." technique, since more often than not she was dead wrong about my impressions. However, I saw a couple of fantastic paintings. My favorite was a work by Magritte -- a split painting, half of which is a well lit in a house, and the other half of which is dark behind a barrier -- a wall or some such. It was very striking.

The film we saw was Girls Will Be Girls, probably one of the more brutal black comedies I've seen. The entire cast was men, in both gender parts. The story revolves around a trio of women who live together, an aging star, a slightly younger housemate who wants to have children with the doctor who performed her abortions, and a fledgling starlet whose mother's dead was directly caused by the aging star. Funny as all get out, very comfortable in its wickedness. I was impressed. The colors, just like the tone of the picture, were hyper intense. I cannot adequately describe this picture, save to say that it was the type of movie that comes along very seldomly -- which is good, in a way, because I would never want to become saturated to the point of being unable to appreciate a film like this. In short: Wow.

GwbG was showing at the Bijou Art Cinema in Worcester, a great little art house cinema... This weekend, we hope to see Die, Mommy, Die, another transvestite flick, this one done up in 50s B-cheese style. Also, Elephant -- Gus van Sant's newest flick about the day in the life of a high school going through a Columbine style incident -- and The Cooler, William H. Macy as a Jonah in Vegas, so unlucky, he's hired by a casino to bring down winning streaks aroung the place.

I'm glad that this is a 3-day weekend coming up. MLKJr. Day is monday and we have it off. Tatnuck Bookstores -- the local indie book shop, where Bruce Campbell came to sign his autobiography (!) -- is having someone perform the "I Have a Dream" speech. I hope to see it.

Otherwise, it looks like Trista and I will be heading over to Jeff and Sharon's place, to introduce her to our odd pasttime (role playing games). Otherwise, I have no idea what's going on this weekend.

Tonight, I hope to finish editing Uno Dinero, and let Trista have a read. Maybe tomorrow I will send a copy off... It's still 7000 words. Tomorrow I will definately send off "Moving" to another publisher, just to see.

I finished Oate's Rape: A Love Story. Quite good. Her use of language is superb.
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