January 14th, 2004

there!, Hello

Pondering and postulating...

I really need to learn to be concise. Why all this lengthy-shtuff?

I suppose that's just the way I am.

Last night had some interesting moments in it: while Trista went to Stitch n Bitch, I stayed home plotting out games for Wednesday and thinking about Saturday. I realized, strangely enough, that Wednesday's game would form a turning point to the campaign's story, about three chapters earlier than originally anticipated. Ah well, we shall see.

Around 8:15-ish, we went to Amanda F's apartment to celebrate her birthday. She's 25 now, in a happy relationship with a fellow named Joe, and a friendship with Tom (who's a blip on me 'dar). Also there were T and I, Mellonnie and Mary -- two Second Years that eat lunch with us regularly. We played a game called Imaginiff, kind of a mix of a board game and a question game -- one of the batch of getting to know you games that seem to be popular for parties. This one had a bit of a twist, however, since its basis was on popular opinion of yourself, not how you feel about yourself. The board was a spiral shape, and the goal was to get to the middle first, by agreeing with the opinions of others around you. The turn was composed of a die roll, to determine the subject of that turn, and then a question card would be produced, and the subject's name filled in a blank (Mad Libs style). For example, "Imaginiff Tom's personality were a female name. What would it be?" This is followed by six choices. Everyone decides what they think, and then chooses a corresponding number card (that is a card with the number of their choice - 1 thru 6). Finally, everyone reveals their choice, and those who are amongst the most popular answers get to move a space. All in all, good fun. Plenty of laughter was had by all.

This morning, I found that I was earlier than everyone else in the lab. The radio announced that it was 8 degrees F, but windchills were cranking the temps down into the -20 region. Bitter cold. "Wicked cold" in the local parlance. So, I get to leave today around 4, 4:30 if things go well.

In my job, I find myself transforming into the wunderkid for figuring out the motor operation. I dunno if I like this... Part of me wants to foist this off onto the Postdoc Fellow from Italy. Then I feel a weird responsibility. And here I'd thought that my lame-oh last job did a valiant job of murdering my work ethic...

At lunch today, we met Shaugn, an interesting chap who Dharia is hoping will hook up with Kat. She was wicked nervous, he seemed like a good bloke, and again, a good time was had by all. Of course, I'm eager to find out what Kat's Livejournal has to say, but it appears I will have to wait.

Interesting personal revelation. For the longest time, I'd convinced myself I hate people. Actually, I don't really. I dislike with my perception of large scale behavior. Does this count as hating people? Probably not.

So it goes.