January 13th, 2004

there!, Hello

a day that will live in obscurity

I wish today were a fudge-a-rific day, too bad it's not... What is fudge-a-rific? I'm not really sure, just sort of made the word up, but I think it's a day that would be as cool as fudge. Or a day I would get free fudge... Or maybe a day I would MAKE fudge... Hmm. They all sound good.

READING UPDATE: Well, last night I got four fifths of the way through Joyce Carol Oates new novella "Rape: A Love Story." Quite moving and gripping. The story of Teena, a single mother who gets attacked and gang raped, witnessed by Bethie, her twelve year old daughter(!), in Niagara Falls, in the end of the 20th century, and the policeman (her one real friend, it would seem) who is forced to accept responsibility for justice... The only reason I stopped reading was because I had to get to sleep to go to work today. The writing flows from perspectives chapter to chapter, but most of the attention is paid to Bethie's perspective, written in Second Person. The language is quite rich, the subject neither trivialized nor overwrought. So far, a perfect little novella.

Today has been a slow work day. Basically, I am trying to better understand the motor controller, and without Marco (the Italian postdoc on fellowship) I seem to be making more headway. I believe this is because I don't seem to be pausing for tangents.

ROLEPLAYING UPDATE: Two news items for today, oh Live Journal. First, tomorrow is our weekly game with Tater and Trista -- moved from Thursday for this week. Tonight, I have to assemble plenty of statistics, maps and cetera, so as to provide a few hours diversion on the morrow. The plot looks like it will be moving further in gnoll territory, with echoes of Babylon 5...

RP UPDATE PART TWO: Secondly, tater has invited Trista and I out to his place this weekend to introduce his wife to our bizarre hobby. Apparently, Sharon does not understand his appreciation for gaming (I believe he said her words to be something akin to, "It's something teenagers do!"). His response was, "Don't knock it til you try it" to which she said, "Fine, let's do it!" So, now I'm getting pulled in. If I were a lawyer, I might contest the validity of this witness, as being hostile. How can I show someone the nuances and interesting qualities of something they're already against (even if only slightly against it?). Well, I suppose I have my work cut out for me. Maybe I'll brainstorm with Trista tonight, get a little input from her. A few weeks ago, I interviewed my roomies and assembled a list for Project UGG (Understanding Gaming with Girls), and I might try to create a storyline that will snag her attention. However, as her favorite movies are chick flicks and Spaceballs, I think I have my work cut out for me. No commitments from my end yet. I told Jeff I would give him an answer Thursday, but it looks like I'll be going for it.

Tonight is Trista's knitting group (Stitch 'n Bitch) and Amanda invited us over to celebrate her birthday with games (something about a new card game...), at 8:00. Trista's going to try to cut SnB short, so we might be going. Thus, I need to kick out the jams and get prepping for tomorrow as soon as I get home.

WRITING UPDATE: Yesterday, while at work I wrote a short story -- 2900 words of "Boy-North-South-Girl," which sprang up from a chat I'd had with Marco about Love being nothing more than the interaction between electromagnetic fields generated by the Central Nervous System. This morning, I heard an interesting spot on the radio, about a dentist who extracted a tooth cap from a patient, after mistakenly reviewing the woman's file and coming to the incorrect conculsion that she owed him money. There's a story in this news item, I'm sure of it. Also, there was a spot on a moron in Germany, who bought a computer and returned it for being filled with potatoes and not the hard drive/electronic equipment that was supposed to be in it. The first time, he got away with it. When he came back a few days later with the same story (he stuffed the potatoes inside himself, I suppose) he opened himself up to being investigated for fraud. I'm thinking guilty. Again, there's probably a story in here somewhere! No time spent thinking on the movie script idea, however. I need to get into gear for this...

Last night we got about half way into Oliver Stone's *The Doors*. Interesting movie. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be married to/in a band with Jim Morrison. As portrayed in the movie, it stands the possibility of quickly degenerating into an annoying thing. Watching the movie, however, reminds me of dating Kim (my last girlfriend). She was a Doors/Jim Morrison fan. Last I heard of her, she was doing well... Happy and in love, I believe.

Last night we also chatted with Lori, the good Al, and John, out in Oregon. Last week, Portland had an ice storm which shut the city down for three days! Lori's doing good, upset that we still haven't received our second X-mas package from them (the mail has not delivered it). Al is in the market for a new job, after discovering that his current place will not be giving any raises for the foreseeable future. And John is geeked about a new girl he met on the internet and has managed to talk to for over 3300 hours (in one month) on Sprint to Sprint (cheapo phoning). Man do I want to go visit them! I miss them, so much.