January 12th, 2004

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From Winter's Cold, Miserable Heart

Well, probably not as bad as all that...

Winter has finally reared its ugly head, it would seem, in Massachusetts. Between Friday night and Saturday morning, the hot water pipes froze in our apartment. I left the cold water dribbling in the bathroom, but not the hot, and thus, we paid the price. Fear not! The household trekked up to the University and used the showers in Biotech 2. A repair guy came out for the problem in the evening, but our hot water was not working when he left. I let the kitchen furnace (we have two heat sources for the apartment, one in the living room, one in the kitchen, to heat the various halves of the apartment) go on High, and only then did the hot water pipes come unclogged... So, now we leave both to drip (when the temperatures plummet).

Got a rejection slip for the short story "Moving" on Friday. I'll probably package it up and send it elsewhere tomorrow. "Uno Dinero" has gone through the initial edit, and will endure a secondary one tonight. Got email from Project:Greenlight, the screenwriting and production contest website, that their third iteration will be running, soon. I think I have an idea, one which I'll try to flesh out tonight, see if it's viable for a whole movie...

Well, the gang's been watching Season 2 of CSI -- Kat's an addict, we watch two or more episodes in a sitting -- and season 3 of Babylon 5 -- which Kat doesn't like as much because there's too much going on, thus we watch them one at a time. I cannot agree with the complaint, in fact, I prefer entertainment that is more than the sum of a single episode. When Trista, Bob and I were going through Season 3 initially, I recall slamming through them, two or more in a sitting, and eager for the next. The story is so... Fleshed out. A whole world (multiple worlds!) awaits the viewer, full of joys and despairs, hopes and disappointments... I still stand by my feeling that Babylon 5 is one of the greatest television shows ever made (and I have only seen 3 seasons, thus far!). Season 4 is sitting on the DVD shelf, still shrink wrapped, waiting for me to plow through season 3 again... Eagerly, I anticipate it!

Gaming is pretty dead, compared to how it used to be. Long ago, (like ten plus years) I would game every day. Now I game once a week, unless I'm lucky. Gaming is often viewed a past time for losers. I have to disagree. Sure, there's the capacity for geeks and losers to do it, but there are just as many losers sitting in bars on Saturday nights, just as many losers sitting in front of video games and television screens... When I game, I try to kick it up a notch, try to elevate the medium into something that's more than its "geeky losers sitting around tables in their parents basements rolling dice and comparing the results to charts..." I haven't lived with my parents in years, and the games are a collective form of storytelling. Interactive stories, the way they used to be before television spoon fed its viewers predigested chunks of story in bite sized packages.

Do I like television? Well, I watch tv shows -- hopefully the good ones -- but I seem to catch them well after their syndicated runs. Trista is anti-television, and so, I seem to be pretty much anti-television. Funny how that works, huh? Kat is very pro-television... She likes the reruns and has tv nights. I watch more tv than Trista, who seems to boggle people when she tells them I don't watch television, meaning maybe she sees an hour of raw television a week. No ER, no Must See TV, no Will and Grace, no Law and Order. Nope, nada, nothing. Coming from a television happy household, I found this a little strange. Now, it's normal, and when I return to the parents for visits, what have you, it's bizarre how much time they spend watching the box's programming. At least with DVDs, we get to have a little free will -- we seriously watch what we want, or we don't switch on the set. Maybe I'm just fooling myself.

Well, I suppose it's time for lunch. Adieu for now!
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