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On Dan Keohane

That last name is something else, isn't it? For the curious: the proper pronunciation is ko-HAIN, like row-rain (only different).

Dan Keohane is a horror writer, one of the few guys I'm aware of who writes Christian Horror specifically, and he's a super nice guy. He is one of the first pros I met through the NECON convention in Rhode Island some years ago, and he's a guy I'm keen to watch succeed.

His debut novel, Soloman's Grave, first appeared in Europe in 2006 and made its way back to these shores more recently. His first short fiction collection (wonderfully titled Christmas Trees and Monkeys with a cover image featuring the most disgruntled ape I've ever seen) is pretty fun.

Imagine my surprise to find an interview with him on the web. A funny guy, co-chair of the New England Horror Writers org, and an all around nice fella... His definition of dark writing makes me grin. His advice to aspiring writers is sound.

The interview finds him at his best:

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