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games of chance, games of time

Last night I picked up a deck of cards, shuffled them endlessly and started shooting out hands of five card draw. At one point I thought I had a royal flush (ten, jack, queen, king, ace), until I discovered that the king was not in the same suit as everything else, thus reducing the hand to a straight, which is only slightly better than three of a kind. Harumph. Luckily, I wasn't betting money on this, I was just dealing hands to myself. I began to wonder how people could bet money on such a random game... I know, I know, bluffing and money and reading opponents makes things a helluvalot more interesting. Still, it boggles me mind.

I realized, last night, that I can recall buying the Dungeons & Dragons Expert set -- it was a blue box set with a picture of a wizard on the cover, looking at events from the cover of the red box D&D Basic Set via some weirdo clairvoyance/scrying spell. I was in third grade (Mizz Tarantovitch's class), and geeked to be going to Toys'R'Us to buy this (I used to get all my gaming at TRU. That would make me seven. That means I've been gaming for 22 years. Staggers the imagination, doesn't it? How many other people can say they've been pursuing a hobby for 22 years?

I found out the identity of the unidentified song from yesterday's post. It was David Bowie's "I'm Deranged" from the *Lost Highway* soundtrack.
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