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The Smell of Salad Dressing in the Afternoon

This hospital/university's excuse for a Cesar dressing, anyway. Actually, it's just a very salty Italian dressing... I managed to splash a whole hell of a lot on my shirt, and now sit in the reek of oil and salt and vinegar.

Were you aware that Cesar dressing is not Italian, at all? Some Spanish or Mexican fellow named Cesar (Say-Zar) actually came up with the stuff. Culinary lesson of the day.

Well, "Paranoid Paperwork" went out this morning. My submission to the UK journal *Signs and Portents*. Keepa my fingers crossed.

Last night the household went to a swing dancing lesson. Ton-a-fun. Worst moment of the night was dancing with a kid. She was like four feet tall (maybe) and I'm six two. Hmmm. Problems.

Found out that Jordan is a writer too. Kicked out the idea of starting a writer's group, something to exchange ideas about the craft. Might be a ball.

And I had fun responding to a glowing eyed dweeb who decided to drop a pissy bomb reply to my last livejournal entry. Feel free to check it out. I wanted to drop that note in his own livejournal box, but the silly little fool has his settings to indicate that only "Friends" can reply to him. Cowardly, says I. Oh, well. There's enough oxygen around, he can waste a bit before he finally bites the wax tadpole and really does some good, as fertilizer. Then again, I suppose he's spreading fertilizer around every time he opens the old mouth, since nothing more than shit comes out of it. Am I really this grumpy? Nah. It's fun to poke holes in morons, though. Especially morons who want to say something to me, and live in fear of my responding to them.

Thank you to the stranger (Ravin Fyre) who actually commented about the material. I appreciate it, and was not expecting it.
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