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Paranoid Android, Happy Camper

Good news on the publishing and roleplaying fronts.

A new version of a classic RPG is going to be produced by Mongoose Publishing -- the little gem was an sf satire called *Paranoia*. In essence, it envisions a future devised by Orwell and the Marx brothers. A great underground city, called Alpha Complex, maintained as a utopia for its clone citizens by the singular entity known as The Computer. Trouble exists in this paradise, as The Computer is quite insane, and convinced that villianous CommieMutantTraitors exist within its compound, threatening its way of life. It is up to the players to root out these villians, to make Alpha Complex a safe and happy place. The one wrinkle is EVERYBODY (including the characters) is a commiemutanttraitor and is trying to hide this fact from everyone around them. You see, the price of treason is Death. So, its a mad free for all, as you try to expose your neighbor before they expose you.

Mongoose Publishing (UK centered publishers of the revised *Macho Women With Guns*, *Judge Dredd*, *Conan*, and *Bablyon 5* RPGs) is releasing *Paranoia XP* this August. An allcall went out for articles on Paranoia, and I sent in a proposal. It seemed to be favorably accepted, I got a contract and an invitation to send in an article. So, I'm putting the polish on "Paranoid Paperwork" an article featuring a trio of documentation (as *Paranoia* satirizes bureaucracy, it needs forms, forms, forms) and some accompanying text, to send there way. No guarantees of acceptance, but I think I have a good shot. I like the magazine, and I'd love to have something in it. Got my fingers crossed on this, and my toes.


Well, only a couple of weeks until NECON, the Northeastern Writers Convention, in Rhode Island (called Camp NECON by its attendees). I'm uber geeked. Lots of cool people going to be there, including Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum (aka Dallas Mayr), Thomas Monteleone, Linda Addison, Tamara Thorne, Simon Clark, Tom Piccirrilli etc. I think I'm going to sign Trista and myself up for the NECON Buddy program, where a long time attendee teams up with newbies to introduce them, take them around, show them what's what and who's who. It's a small con, one that doesn't accept more than 200 people, and I think there's less than 100 signed up for the thing... Deadlines for applications is July 1. I have no idea what to expect, other than a weenie roast and ghost stories on Thursday night.
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