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A Game of Notes (pt 2)

Wherein we discover the fate of a quartet of misplaced messages, and the neonates involved in their recovery.
Stolen correspondences, midnight confessions, and a mystery... Two players held vital clues to the whole picture, and what choice was there to bring them together?

Adamina followed the suggestion of her mentor and sire, Charlotte Leary, to try and establish contact with a Toreador. They chose the youngest member of that clan, in the hopes that she might not be as enmeshed in political legerdemain, as the rest of the degenerates. They recalled that at Adamina's presentation, they received a standing invitation to meet Eleanor at her parlor, in one of the opera houses in Edinburgh.

At the same time, Eleanor sent a pair of cards to the two University of Edinburghs, to try and announce her intentions to meet with Adamina and sire.

While en route, the pedestrians came across one another, and adjourned to Charlotte Leary's office in The University to discuss matters.

Eleanor's inspection of the notes revealed the foreign language to be Italian -- a language the opera singer was familiar seeing, but not fluent in reading. Also, the name Borgia, signed at the bottom of the note was a name with historical associations with treachery, deception, murder, lust and power. Not promising. Eleanor also explained that the other notes were of a serious nature, no matter how frivolous they might seem, and certainly scandalous to the harpy's reputation.

Possessing them made the harpy and enemy; destroying them would only complicate matters -- if evidence were really planted to implicate the neonate, and if the harpy confronted her, it would not be wise to refute the accusations by claiming ignorance. The harpy, a master of social communication, would see through the lie and push the issue. Being unable to produce the correspondences would make a more dire enemy of him, for he might possibly assume the worst -- that the letters were to be used as a form of blackmail. But how to dispose of them?

Belmont Turby showed up, subsequently, with more information. Thomas Dacre tormented Turnby's wife, before Turnby was Embraced. As part and parcel of the Turning, Thomas Dacre's Sire agreed to a stipulation that Dacre be removed from events, until such time as the wife was dead. Dacre was made immobile (but still damnably aware) by an oaken shaft through his undead heart, and remained in this state of aware helplessness for almost 30 years. When the hidden Dacre discovered Turnby's apparent interest in the neonate Brujah, he decided on an action to start settling the score. Thus, this plan. It had naught to do with Adamina herself, was solely a grudge between the two sewer rats. "I am sorry he involved you in this," Turnby apologized, and then set out to speak with his own sire, to see if Dacre could be dealt with.

Later, it was realized that Adamina's retainer, the strapping mortal called Bron, was fluent in Italian, as he was enamored by Italian Romances (novels). The company of Kindred sent for him, and he arrived, to start translating the Italian message.

Just as he was finished, with the two pages, a breeze make the candle flames flutter. The window, somehow, had opened wide! Suddenly, a strange force wrench Bron from his seat and threw him across the room, into the door! In the wake of the action, a figure materialized from the shadows! Dacre, revealed in all his horrific appearance. "Too important for you!" he cried, scrabbled to collect the notes, and rushed for the window!

A brief brawl ensued, which left Adamina dangling from the third story building's window ledge, and Dacre unhampered in his escape.

After summoning a coach, the quartet laid in a strange pursuit. Though the man was, for all intents and purposes invisible (obfuscated), he left signs of his passage -- trampled puddles, straying directly under gaslamps, or otherwise losing his concentration. Dacre finally paused, too long near a lamp, allowing his pursuers to catch up. He escaped into a dark building, and through it to the alleyways behind, disappearing into the darkness.

However, all was not lost. The keen eyes of his pursuers uncovered a false stone in the road, underwhich lay a hidey hole, where Dacre had put the notes! The bottom of the hole was a steel door, accessible via the sewers below. Was he storing these for himself, or placing them for someone else? A mystery unsolved...

As the quartet were poised, deciding what to do, the harpy arrived, speaking foreign language that none of the Kindred understood -- greetings, possibly? He invited the neonate rabble into his carriage, and had his driver put some distance between them and the others for privacy. Adamina stoutly denied the accusation of stealing the notes, though she agreed the kerchief left in Ewan's haven was hers and did possess the letters. Ewan did not accept her unlikely story of a third party pitting them against one another, "Well, then we should just return what was taken, and call it an end?" Adamina agreed, took her kerchief and handed Ewan the letters. Stoppered to silence, Ewan did not speak for a long moment, then asked, "Did you read them?"

"I tried to read the addressed note," Adamina confessed, "but it is in a language I cannot understand."

Ewan weighed this response for a long moment, then signaled his coach driver to stop. Adamina departed the coach, and returned with Charlotte, Bron and Eleanor to the University office, to peruse Bron's translation.

Oh, direst of news! It was the worst of the lot, the most incriminating! It suggested that Ewan, harpy of Edinburgh, was in league with the Sabbat, the sect of the undead who cherished the monstrousness of their unlives, living not for humanity and decency, but for bestiality and horror! He was not alone, the letter suggested, and then went on to say that it was only a matter of time before the city fell into their dark hands...

The neonates and the rabble mentor had made a terrible enemy that day, worse than initially believed!


Thus ended "A Game of Notes".

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