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Pondering this New Year

So 2009 started on the bad side, but eventually found it's stride and ended up being one of the better years in memory. A nice change from 2008, which was pretty awful.

So, what would I like to do with this year? Well I'd like to keep the writing going, and continue with the exercising, but honestly I have no interest in resolutions. As hntrpyanfar mentioned to me today, they seem too much like prison sentences.

Instead, I think I'll take a page from Jeff VanderMeer's Book Life and set some goals for myself. Not only for this year but for the next 5 years our so. That way, I can approach accomplishing them in baby steps. Of course, the goals I set for myself will not only be book/writing related (because that would be booooring), though writing remains pretty central to who and what I am . . . Still, who wants to read about writing statistics? Not me, alas. Little is quite so uninteresting as seeing "I wrote 200 words yesterday! Go me!"

Well, more on this later I suppose.

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