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"See what I mean? It's just more shit I have to do now."

The subject line is a snippet of dialogue from Harry Dean Stanton's character in David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me film. The particular shit I have to deal with is this:

Dead Roach

Yep. Cockaroaches. Crept up while I was writing my capsule reviews this evening. Little bastid.
And for a little perspective:

Dead Roach - Perspective

Yes he is kind of curled up after my flip flop sent him to the little vermin breeding ground in the sky. I'd say this a medium size speciman.

Good news is. las has given us several suggestions for combating the roaches. Many of these are working. This is the first full sized live roach I've seen in about a week. Yay! More cat nip waits in my future (it's a cockroach repellant). I don't like killing these things. They squirt all over my shoe. Ugh.
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