dark_towhead (dark_towhead) wrote,

Messages from The Road (Not Cormac McCarthy's)

. . . we ended up leaving far later than intended . . . this bodes not well for the Texas expedition, though our apartment is nice and clean . . . Day One on the road found we explorers traveling from Massachusetts to Connecticut to New York State to Pennsylvania . . . Stopped outside Scranton, PA. Drank two bottles of wine with Moses (47 Pound Chicken Shiraz, and a Shiraz called the Funky Llama -- alcohol content on this last was quite high!), and slept on his cool couch bed . . . not a simple pull out, but a pop up style. Neato! Must remember to send ddrpolaris info about this, it's so totally his style . . . Day Two: Saw the new Medical School in Scranton. Given the inside tour by Moses, who is now a full fledged tenure track Professor . . . When in Scranton, I recommend "Gimme Coffee!" for your caffeinated beverage needs . . . Got going across the state, and stopped in Pittsburgh suburbs. mattieflap and her family have a lovely home . . . Caught up a bit (though it feels like we were here last month, instead of a few years ago) and shared a bottle of Wallaby Shiraz (Yellow Tail Reserve) . . . am now settling in for a good night's sleep . . . tomorrow, we venture to Columbus, OH to see las and haceldama . . . Tuesday we continue on to San Antonio . . . cathartist's mix CDs have provided plenty of delightful musical accompaniment to our journey . . . as well as a couple of "WTF?!?" moments . . .

More soon . . .
Tags: san antonio moving hijinx
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