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Hungry Folks, Night Schools, and Banana Rejects

Yesterday was heavy duty work day (about ten hours of thrills, spills and chills; I was happy to get away), but I still managed to get in some writing time. Thus, today we concentrate on ze writing aspect of me life.

Around lunch, I started tackling the zombie short film script. I have some nice ideas, and though the title was originally going to be Hungry Man, I think I like Hungry Folks better, since if you say it relatively fast and New Englandish, it sounds sort of like Hungry Fucks. Ah, titles say it all. I've also got a little bit of satire zipping into the piece, in subtle ways -- you notice it or you don't, the story doesn't hinge on it (thus, I can use it without solely relying on it).

In the evening, after a stimulating conversation at Burger King (I only get one fast food coupon next month), a trip to Borders, and a rush home before my bowels evacuated, I managed to get some more writing time in. I rewrote, from the ground up, the first section of Night School. I think I have a better means of doing the transition, and getting to the end now. We shall see... I'm hoping to have this draft complete-a-mento by Saturday, to get it out the door. I'm also hoping on getting some fucking Calender Girl stuff accopmplished this weekend. I'm still a couple of months behind, and need to boogie (alright, I've only finished January, and here it is almost May!).

Oh, got a rejection slip from *The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy* for "Yes, We Have No Bananas". Oh well, I'll send it to *Analog SF* this weekend.

Alright, one non-writing note:
Before bed, I read a massive chunk of Edward Lee's *Coven*, which is better written than I recall early Lee being... Perhaps his cheap-ass paperback publisher did a little streamlining on his stuff. Or maybe this comes after the 'early stuff' I read. Who knows? Pretty gruesome, somewhat funny, and a step above his other works. It doesn't transcend the genre, but it does set an example for the latest batch of imitators.
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