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A lovely conversation

Well, our contact with the University's department of intellectual properties stopped by today, named Heather Steinman. She delivered an intriguing discussion (more of a monologue, actually) about Pete's desire to patent our dynamic stimulator -- an apparatus and program our lab has designed. After she left, Pete commented that it was too bad Marco wasn't here -- he's been getting in later and later, it seems (He compensates for this by leaving later and later and coming in both Saturday and Sundays). I feel similar to Pete, but not for the same reasons.

Pete says, Marco is always looking for a girlfriend.

Heather (same first name as the Master's student, but a different lady entirely) is gorgeous, no doubts (and highly intelligent). I also believe she's engaged (she's got the ring on the finger, anyway -- terrible of me to assume, but assume I do). However, I haven't seen Marco embarassed to silence in a while, not since he and I attended a LabView sales seminar together. I'd have loved to see him stewing to say something, while remaining incapable.

Luckily, I did not let beauty intimidate me. Hey, I'm surrounded by it in my normal day-to-day, anyway (Trista, Kat, Dharia, Lori, Stacie, the list goes on and on!), its easy for me to carry on with my business.

Well, it looks like the project is a go... Who knows, maybe someday I'll be getting some royalty checks coming my way!
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