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Well, I'll be BUTCHED!

I only just found out today that my "Idyll Heresies" was selected as the first finalist in the Dark Heresy roleplaying game scenario contest. I also learned the actual winner was announced, and I wish to offer congratulations to both John W.S. Marvin, my fellow finalist, and a hearty congratulations to contest winner Andrea Gausman.

Here is an excerpt from what the judges had to say about mine:

Daniel R. Robichaud II’s entry showcases the debauchery of the upper classes and illustrates how the corruption of a wounded soul can become a conduit for the Ruinous Powers.

The judges found Idyll Heresies to be a very entertaining and fun adventure, and particularly liked how Daniel made frequent references to relevant Skill Tests and Difficulties. The names of the NPC’s and Locations were very evocative, and the judges were impressed by the evocative feel of the overall storyline. The cast of characters and plot make this adventure a good resource for Game Masters looking for an interesting adventure for Acolytes at the beginning or middle of their Careers. The adventure is a solid, clean, and relatively streamlined example of its breed, and could definitely be used in conventions or as a one-off game to introduce new players to Dark Heresy.

All three scenarios are available at the Dark Heresy website, for anyone and everyone who wants to download it... For FREE!


In a word: SQUEEEE!
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