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(Un)Truths and Ficitious Sources

More than elections themselves, the aftermaths are what interest me most. The fallouts, the exposures, the general oddities... So, when I was came across this little gem of an article in The New York Times, I have to stop and smirk in my curmudgeonly way at all the suckers and rubes in the world. Is this article even for real? Does it matter? The ideas alone are what set my imagination off, tickle my funnybone, and make folks like theferret post retractions.

I am reminded of the words of Hassan I Sabbah (which I first encountered via William S. Burroughs): "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."


So, my productivity hit the toilet over last weekend, since it was our ninth annual "reflection on being handfasted" weekend. Saw a play Friday (already mentioend), visited the lovely Boston Public Library on Saturday, and found other ways to share time the rest of the weekend. Thus, my word count has fallen behind slightly. As of last night, I have:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
19,098 / 50,000

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