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Stop that, stop that! No singing!

Last night elenuial and I hit local bar Jose Murphy's for 10 cent tacos. The last time we'd gone there on a Sunday, we also had some karaoke, and I was all geared up to sing again...

Unfortunately, the Sox were playing, so karaoke was canceled. Instead, we had a chance to witness native Massachusetts-ians cheering and hissing for Their Team. I'd of rather sung...

In other news, elenuial and I talked about organizing a writer's group...

In still better news, with luck elenuial's first article for the WoMag, Worcester Magazine, should be appearing in Thursday's paper.

In still OTHER news, elenuial and I will be in attendance at Rock and Shock this weekend. All things horror (lots of stars from the flicks, lots of goofy movies, a handful of writers, and music-music-music. In Worcester, MA, at the building formerly known as the Centrum (DCU Center) and concerts at the Palladium.

In still OTHER OTHER news, it looks like one of my horror themed haikus will be appearing in the May 2009 issue of Scifaikuest.
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