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Back From a Week and a Day

Last night, hntrpyanfar and I returned from a long trip to Michigan and then Ohio (for Context). Saw plenty of familiar faces, met many new people, had many a wonderful conversation, and drank many an alcoholic beverage. After one too many Rum and Coke Zeros, my brain can no longer differentiate between caffeine and alcohol. They both make me crazy loopy and sleepy.

Now, my vacation tour has ended, and boy are my arms tired. (Is this thing on?) However, hntrpyanfar's journeys have only begun. This morning, at the lovely hour of three fifty aye-yem, I bid her a fond farewell, as the shuttle bus carted her off on a new adventure... She's currently flying to Washington State (with a layover in the real world City O' Gloom; Salt Lake City for all you folks with no Deadlands experience) for another week and a day away from Massachusetts.

I promise to behave myself while she is away.

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