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It's Glass-tastic.

Last night, I got Philip Glass' soundtrack for *The Fog of War* from Amazon.com. Most excellent. I find it is a lot more listenable than his early works -- which are highly interesting, though a little repetative (which was the intent, I think; looped music which varies slightly over time... It fosters attentiveness through something approaching a meditative trance mantra). *The Fog of War* however, features shorter pieces, exploring a range of sounds, which fuse together in a rather wonderful whole. Highly recommended.

Trista loves her new drinking glasses. They are blue. I bought these with the CD from amazonia.

I met a schmuck of a driver on the road last night. He breezed past me at a stop light (he in the right turn lane, which is not a through lane) and cut in front of me. So, I honked and waved the British double finger salute. He stopped in the middle of the road. Finally, he drove on a little more (perhaps assuming he'd 'Taught me a lesson') so I flipped him the true bird. He stopped, again. And just stayed there. People behind us honked and passed us. He then backed up, like he was going to hit my car. I honked at him, held it down and blasted, and he decided he didn't want to move. So we waiting. Then, after a coupla minutes, he drove on. I followed him, saw him pull up to a house and pick up some kids. I then followed him a little further, finally veered off after a time. Man, did he piss me off! I have his license plate number. I think I'll turn him into a story, that'll be sweet revenge.

Tonight, Kat's chum Stacy comes in. This oughtta be interesting.

I think "Yes, We Have No Bananas" is finally done. A new beginning, a new ending, and the focus of the story has changed from one character to another. I'll give it a final read through and send it out.

Rejection received from the magazine of Fantasy and SF. It sucks, but 'Que Sera Sera'. Maybe they'll like "...Bananas" better. Next, "Moving, Interrupted" goes to *Cemetery Dance*.
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