dark_towhead (dark_towhead) wrote,

Today is the Big Day (part 2... Still Waiting)

Well, hntrpyanfar's hour long "public presentation" went quite well. A little "teched up" to sound good to her committee, but still in the realm of the understandable. She answered all the questions that followed up with clarity, a touch of humor, and a good amount of detail.

At around 11:00, the public talk period ended. She has since been behind locked doors with the members of her committee, answering minutia questions about the human Glucose Transporter, Biochemisty, and her thesis. At the end of this (though, if they've a sense of humor like Harlan Ellison, they will make her stew for a few minutes), they will tell her pass, fail (with option to try again at a later date, once more work is done), or fail (without said option).

The minimum this has lasted is two hours. Her department is renowned for looooong defenses, though. Nothing yet.

As soon as I learn anything, I will post an update.
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