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Lax Is Only for -Atives

So, let's see, the cool news.

Thursday, we saw *Robot Stories* and *The Fog of War* at the Bijou. *Robot Stories* was interesting, a more humanistic approach to sf, and it struck a few interesting points. However, it was heavily overshadowed by *The Fog of War* which was a Capital-G Great Film. Impressive documentary, made me feel somewhat ashamed at my lack of historical knowledge and made me question my own levels of ambition. Am I too laid back, too content with what I have?

The movie led to a debate with Marco, on Friday (what doesn't lead to a debate with that Italian oddball?) about America, War, and history. He demonstrates an absolute level of naivete about How America Really Works, behaviour I'd expect from someone only exposed to the academia side of things.

Friday was a late day, and full of job-work. Yuck.

Saturday we went to Boston, to the Museum of Science, saw the Einstein exhibit, saw a Nikkola Tesla display (kewl fun with electricity) and watched a Planetarium show, which totally blew my mind. I haven't been to a Planetarium in years, not since Cranbrook back in Michigan, when I was like ten.

That evening, we went to see *Hellboy*. Not a capital-G Great Film, but a great time, none-the-less. I had a ball. Almost as cool as *Evil Dead 2*, and knowing me, that's a high compliment! Then, we rested.

Sunday, Trista was at work all day. I worked most of the day, but on Good Works. I tackled a rewrite on "Yes, We Have No Bananas" and finally understand what I need to do to provide a wholeness to the piece -- a different opening to shift perspective. The character I thought this story was about, isn't actually the character this story is about. Funny. Otherwise, I wrote up two outlines/gedunkens for my next two stories (one straight sf, one more of a thriller) and started jottings for a novel based on the world of "Yes, We Have No Bananas". Sheesh, here it is, April already, and I'm behind on my Calender Girl Stories! Yoiks!

I went out on a shopping trip yesterday to Gameboro, picked up a copy of the *Gamma World Games Master's Guide* and some dice for Trista. I also stopped off at Target to pick up new light bulbs for the back porch -- I wonder if anyone noticed.

Tonight, we game with Jeff, and I haven't prepped. Time for a little smoke and mirrors, me thinks. Luckily, I read through these sections four weeks ago (it should still be fresh, no?), and I'll skim the sections tonight. Lots of bad news bears on the way...

The "Three Chicks and a GM" game seems to be going strong. Last week, we had some excitement (running away) but no real combat. A lot of character development, getting everyone sort of up to speed. I had a ball! Next session (not this week, but next) promises some excitement, as the characters get to sneak into a prison and do away with a prisoner, before torturers can extract information from him. Whiz-bang!
I've noticed a bizarre trend amongst some of my friends of friends. A sort of reverse sexist stereotyping, this time oriented in the direction of women categorizing men. A while back, one of the Stich 'n' Bitchers commented about her lesbianism while Darius (Dharia's boyo) and I were hanging out (this was during a party/social for the holiday). We glanced in her direction, because she was speaking, and she offered a snide "Oh, I said Lesbians, got your attention." At that point, I was pissed. I've known quite a few GLBT folks in my time, and am about as impressed with lesbians as I am with any other form of Gay, Bi, Tranny, Heteroness. That is, I'm not. Water under the bridge (well, except this occurred at X-mas time, last year, and it's still in my craw. As old Harlan Ellison says, "Forgive, yes. Never forget.")

Just last week, I had another encounter with it. The event started with some good natured "Guys can be such babies!" which I whole heartedly agree with, but then, so can women -- a certain yeast infection I dated for three-and-a-half years comes speedily to mind. After this series of good natured observations, disaster struck. A friend (different than the lesbian) has been waxing on about how she's eager to have a baby. I have no problem with this. People want for a lot of things. However, these desires typically don't just pop up out of the blue. So, I asked, "What event triggered this?" She then categorized the response as a twenty-six year old's normal response -- which is only the worst level of bullshit (Is this suggesting any 26 year old not experiencing this is abnormal? My friend recanted this notion later.) -- and then capped it off with the dictum, "You're a guy, you wouldn't understand."

Hmmm. Oh really? Which part wouldn't I understand? The emotional level? The desire, no the *need*, to create a new life, to have it growing inside me, forming a bond with me that is indescribable and yet, at the same time, undeniable? Or maybe just on the plumbing level? Sure, I don't have a uterus. However, I am no stranger to the fact that parts of my body get desires/needs, and my brain gets flooded with signals that cannot be denined? Luckily, her plumbing is on the inside, and she need never have the annoyance of an unwanted boner tenting her pants, at the worst fucking moments. Can you imagine a chick in desiring-offspring mode with a nine inch dong at full salute in her slacks, pointing the way? Actually, I do understand both of these, maybe not in the same way -- I don't have a uterus, as I've mentioned -- but this does not debilitate my level of empathy and understanding.

No, based on my difference in gender, I was categorized to be unable to appreciate a point of view. How is this different from, "Here, let me get that. Pretty little thing like you wouldn't even know what to do with it." Shitty, I must say. Man, did it bother me. Obviously. Oh, the comment was made off the cuff, and it was not ill intended, so I can forgive the speaker, as she is typically a liberated, intelligent, and human person.

Forgive, yes. Never forget. If we do not remember our history, we are doomed to repeat it, after all.

As a side note, I had to later comfort Trista, who's past the old 26 stage, that she was not abnormal, that she was wonderful, and that it didn't matter if she never went gaga over kids. She gets similar feelings over kittens. Kat gets them for dogs (though definitely not children). I do it over plenty of things (though not lesbians, alas; children, puppies and kitties, sometimes; other things, sometimes, 'haven't you always wanted a mon-KEY?').

Further reminder that most general observations of human behavior are predominantly based on self centered, uninformed, and naive views.
Nothing to do with sexism, here's another fine example of bullshit in our country that pisses me off. (Thanks to Poppy Brite's journal for giving me the skinny on this).

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