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Scion... Session 1

Jeez, it's strange being on the player's side of the screen for a change. I can't count the number of times I wanted to jump into J-random NPC last night to add a different voice to one of the many mobs of characters. Don't know how this group would take to such a thing.

Six players. I thought I had a good grasp on my character, but as it stands... I felt a bit distanced. Probably a byproduct of all the drama that composed this week. It was nice to game, though. The dynamic of the group is different than I am used to.

So, we began with several solo/duo scenes involving the characters each getting ganked from their respective lives to take part in a cruise to South America. My character (Valdis Bryn Perl, a former soldier turned MD, now part of the LAPD Crime Lab; oh, and daughter of Aesir goddess Hel) and her boss (Scott Vera, a younger, less educated MAN who got the promotion over myself; played by doompuppy) are picked by "The Commish" to attend a Police and Forensic Science Conference aboard said pleasure cruiser. Our relationship (from my end) is alternately antagonistic and oddly sweet as I struggle with brooding anger and my character's nature.

While on the plane from LA to Florida, we encountered shogunhb (Abner, a retired high school teacher with the world's happiest family; the dramatist in my head says that family is going to go the way of Job's, but I'm a curmudgeon) who is a mythology buff (and writes in library books). He's oddly sweet.

Getting on the boat and afterward, I think we made the aquaintence of the other characters... ddrpolaris's "transporter" Alejandro, my somewhat vapid "cousin" Dag (I mean DJ DSTN, pronounced "DJ Destiny"; I'm not sure what his player's lj handle is, alas...), and bonisagus's famous baseball player, model, pop star Liam...

In the midst of fun on the boat, Storyteller shadowravyn popped a cut scene upon us... Nice and suspenseful. A six year old girl running. From what? A good question. She's running home (in something reminiscent of the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen's song "My Father's House" from the superlative Nebraska album, which I quote here:

"Last night I dreamed that I was a child
Out where the pines grow wild and tall
I was trying to make it home through the forest
Before the darkness falls

I heard the wind rustling through the trees
and ghostly voices rose from the fields
I ran with my heart pounding down that broken path
With the devil snapping at my heels"

Intentional? Probably not, yet it resonated with me...) but, needless to say, does not make it. The trees themselves seem to actively trip her up, and as she struggles to rise, the dark shadow of her pursuer falls over her. Someone (or something) grasps her by the ankles and drags her away. No one hears her calls for help, or her subsequent screams, and in time everything falls quiet.

Delightfully moody!

Cut back to the boat, where we are alternately being silly or moody (well, that last is mostly me, debating whether or not to break it off with the fellow who has not called in over five weeks; damn his wife for coming back to him!).

In number crunching bits, shogunhb was botching pretty heavy last night. In fact, the sixty year old man that is his character actually majorly botched a roll to see how low he could go in a limbo contest. With that roll, none could go lower, really. Abner ended up popping something that should not have been popped, pulling a groin muscle, and slamming his head into a buffet table hard enough to send all the contents flying through the air. Amazingly (well, not all that amazing, actually) nothing got on me (my character is, uhm, special that way), and as I was checking him over to make sure he did not have a concussion, I scored nine freaking successes on my Medicine roll. Now, to put this in perspective, one success is a marginal success. Two is an average success. Five is an amazing success. Nine? Beyond belief. Using pressure point techniques (not quite chiropracty, since that is not "real medicine"), I relieved the poor old fellah's pain, and ultimately discovered that he is not quite human. Bwah-ha-ha! I wanted to say, "I know something you don't!" but settled with "I know there's something... more to you. A quality that some might call 'Mythic,'" which creeped him out and sent him running to call his Guide.

A nice character building session, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the plot stuff next Thursday.
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