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A Laugh, A Reflection, and Some Good Bits

Maurice Broaddus (besides being an all around great guy) has a blog that often makes me laugh out loud... His recent transcript on the editions of Dungeons and Dragons as a parallel for schisms in the church made me guffaw. Particularly the entry's title. :D


So, as often happens on this day, I've gotten to thinking about "That Old Bald Cheater". I'm pretty pleased with where I am. I had my Dudley Stone moment November 20th, and following a stint of depression that lingered in one degree or another through January, I have been living life as I really want to (sucking all that is marrow, so to speak).


Yesterday offered up a couple of nice bits on the writing front.

First, I got my copy of the 2008 Rhysling Awards poetry anthology (presenting all the nominated poems). There are far fewer nominees than I'd assumed, making it even more humbling; I was expecting hundreds of poems, but no... In my category there are less than sixty. The biggest surprise, however, was that I am sharing a table of contents with Margaret Atwood (!!!). I find this to be beyond neat. I'm totally not going to win, but the book is nice! Are you interested in purchasing a copy of this trade paperback edition? Go here.

Also, in news of the Story With Legs, my piece "Betty in Sideshow" (which appeared in issue 3 of Spacesuits and Sixguns) has been accepted for the Best New Tales of the Apocalypse anthology from Permuted Press. Wowsers!

More news on this as soon as I get some to share...
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