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So, I went to see the 1950 version of Cyrano de Bergerac (in glorious black and white!) at the Showcase Worcester North yesterday afternoon and found myself whispering many of Cyrano's better lines. It has been a while since I read that play (or seen the movie), and I'd actually forgotten just how much I love the character (of course every other character in that play is a senseless schmuck or vapid as all Hell, but that's neither here nor there). Why do I love this character? His style! The many possible jokes he delivers about his own nose when confronted by a simpleton who thinks "Your nose is very long," as the height of wit are priceless. The poetry he composes while dueling ("and as I end my refrain... STRIKE HOME!") is a delight. A fine screen adaptation that I have not seen in years, and am only too glad to revisit.

Keep your Hulks and your Happenings; I'll take Cyrano, instead.

Last night, T and I also finished watching Woody Allen's veeeeery dark thriller Match Point, yes another film we had somehow missed. What a delightfully chilling movie, brutal not in the very brief acts of physical violence but in a much more metaphysical sense. Though it features a couple of funny, Woody Allen lines ("He lost his legs but found Jesus." "I don't know, it sounds like a bad trade to me.") and an interest in incorporating other art forms into the piece (this time around, listen for pieces from the operas based on Othello and Macbeth, played at delightfully apropos moments).
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