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Eye Rolling May Now Commence

So, greygirlbeast included a link to an article about authors discussing the "difficulties" of writing a book a year. Prolific authors (such as Robert Parker) are given a single paragraph, while the rest of the article pooh-poohs the one novel a year deadline.

I often wonder about Brian Keene or the Baen Books library of writers who pump out 4+ books a year. Mostly I wonder, could I do that? And the answer is: If writing was my career, my only source of income, then you can bet your bottom I sure as sin would pump out four books a year. After all, a contender for family motto is: "We're Robichauds, we have to eat."

Would the quality necessarily have to suffer? Hmmm. I don't believe setting deadlines (one or more books written and revised by a certain date) automatically equates to poor quality writing. Writing is a job just like any other, and it requires discipline.

I happen to agree with the spirit of the last line of the article (a quote from Elmore Leonard):
"If it takes you more than six months to write a book, you're not working."

Writing 1000 words a day (appx four pages, typed, double spaced, Courier font, size 12) will net both the first draft of a 120,000-word novel as well as two complete, from the ground up rewrites of said brick in under a year... What kind of lives do full time writers have that they find it difficult to write 4 typed, double spaced pages over the course of 24 hours?

Well, there are the little things that come about. Questions about translations, book tours, that sort of thing... I long to discover and grapple with such problems. :)
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